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Viktig info om seglingsallsvenskan!!


Hi all sailing hungry!

I, Karl-Otto Strömberg, has been contracted to be the coordinator of the league in 2016 and a possible båtinköp to the HSS. A responsible but an entirely into the bubble really fun assignment.

On Friday came the SSF with new information before the league season in 2016, attached as you can see. On January 28, this week, I want all of you who can connect at 18:00 in the clubhouse. I want your comments if / how the HSS to proceed with båtinköpen and then we need to discuss;

  • The terms of the agreements.
  • How you look at the HSS are buying themselves none, one, two or more J 70th

The meeting will also be a first collection for those who are interested to work or aspire to participate in the league. There will be a first opportunity to feel the involvement of new stakeholders. The meeting is open to all who want and if you can not, there will more opportunities. Please send the contact information on the people who you think might be interested and help spread it in the club. The website will be our primary channel, but we will also send information directly to those who registered your interest. There might be some that are not currently a member but would be able to contribute in a big way – welcome and subscribe membership.

Who should represent the HSS? HSS priority, of course, young people, at the same time we would like to make good results in the headlines. It is up to us to find forms that make it fun, engaging as many people as possible, and lifts all so that we can defend our fourth place. I think HSS is completely unique, Alexandra Hellekant 15 and Stellan Nilsson 70 were among those who physically sailed home fourth. I’m just very difficult impressed and I think that you too will be. Can it get any better when several generations have fun together. Let our younger members to challenge and do everything you can to lift them, that means we all need to tighten somewhat older to us.

All of you who like to sail but maybe not quite learned all that is needed to Race. Let us know and we will arrange a course in the newly purchased J 70 boats – subject, of course, that we have the boats. We put together your young people who have sailed a lot and who knows maybe it pops up one or another legend …

We have some of the club who sailed a lot over the years but not been seen so frequently in HSS for a while, maybe we can get a new start? Maybe there’s “youth” who are studying which can run an adult sailing school in the summer? Help me find the forms and to make this into something really good!


Karl-Otto Strömberg
+46 705 184831

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