Welcome to visit us

HSS is not a dedicated guest harbour but of course we welcome You to make a stop here. It is possible to moor at all green-marked berths ande use facilities such as freshwater and electricity. In our club-house we have toilets and showers and a fully equipped kitchen. The harbour area benefits from a wireless network which, for a small fee, allows you to access Internet in your own boat. The club can also offer lifting services if you need to get your boat ashore.

HSS harbour is located about 1,5 km south of the city centre where all necessary services such as foodstores, helthcare etc. is found. About 500 meters upstream Nissan you can refuel.

If you need technical assistance or new equipment there is a business next door to HSS harbour, Halmstads Nautic & Smide AB, telephone +46(0)35-21 46 50. Technical equipment and clothes are also sold by Peter Carlsson Marin, telephone +46(0)35-523 28.

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